Alternative Investment Market Inheritance Tax Stocks & Shares Individual Savings Account (AIM IHT ISA)

Min/Max Investment
£20k/As per HMRC permitted allowance
Balkerne Asset Management Initial Charge
Balkerne Asset Management Annual Management Charge (AMC)
1.5% + VAT, (excluding dealing costs)
Adviser Remuneration Fee
As agreed with your client.
What is it?
Unique, tax-efficient portfolio of AIM stocks & shares, managed on a discretionary basis
Why is it different?
Unique, tax-efficient but otherwise traditional portfolio of AIM stocks & shares which can be built up over time to compliment a balanced IHT strategy.
What's better about it?
Tax efficient, daily price monitoring, quarterly and ad-hoc reporting, copies to adviser.
Why would my clients want it?
An AIM stocks & shares based portfolio exempt from CGT with additional tax advantages. Low minimum investment, tax-efficient, discretionary managed, growth or income.
What other benefits are there?
Individual portfolios reviewed monthly, and as required.
Can complement traditional ISA portfolios as well as MSS & MFS portfolios, including automatic annual transfer/allocation.
Access to Balkerne Asset Management investment team.
AIM IHT Portfolio
AIM IHT ISA Key Features
AIM IHT ISA Terms & Conditions
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AIM IHT ISA Application
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