Managed Fund Service (MFS)

Min/Max Investment
£20k/no maximum.
Balkerne Asset Management Initial Charge
Balkerne Asset Management Annual Management Charge (AMC)
1.00% + VAT, (excluding dealing costs).
Adviser Remuneration Fee
As agreed with your client.
What is it?
A diversified portfolio of collective funds, actively-managed on a discretionary basis
Why is it different?
Not a ‘fund’ (e.g. of funds/multi-manager) but a portfolio of collective investments, achieving diversification and/or specialist coverage with cost-effective active management.
What's better about it?
5 available strategies/risk levels, daily price monitoring, quarterly and ad-hoc reporting, copies to adviser.
Why would my clients want it?
Low minimum investment, diversification and/or specialist coverage, cost-efficient, active management, growth or income.
What other benefits are there?
Takes care of the need to keep funds under review.
Fund portfolios reviewed monthly, with changes made according to strategy and performance.
Can complement MSS & ISA portfolios.
Access to Balkerne Asset Management investment team.
Conservative Portfolio (Lower Risk)
Income Portfolio (Lower than Medium Risk)
Balanced Portfolio (Medium Risk)
Growth Portfolio (Higher than Medium Risk)
Adventurous Portfolio (Higher Risk)
MFS Key Features
MFS Terms & Conditions
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MFS Application